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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Somali kidnappers blame Canada, Aussie

Kidnappers of Canadian and Australian journalists have accused Ottawa and Canberra of being accomplices in the Somali conflict. Mujahideen of Somalia who seized the journalists last month accused Canada and Australia of 'taking part in the destruction of Somalia', according to a video aired by Al Jazeera television on Tuesday. The video showed Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout and Australian photographer Nigel Brennan who were kidnapped by gunmen near Mogadishu on Aug. 23. It showed Lindhout, wearing an Islamic robe, and her colleague along with armed Islamic forces. She was speaking to a camera but the tape's audio was not aired.

Kidnapped Australian photographer Nigel BrennanThe kidnappers also demanded that Canada and Australia review their policies towards the African country, the television said. Last week, an official of the group Reporters Without Borders said that the kidnappers were seeking $2.5 million for the return of the captives. The Canadian national Amanda Lindhout formerly reported for Press TV from Baghdad. Lindhout's fearless reporting from Baghdad for the Iran-based news channel shed light on the intense poverty and political alienation experienced by the population of Baghdad's Sadr City. With photographer Brennan, Lindhout had taken the road from the Somali capital Mogadishu to the nearby city of Afgoye where they were planning to visit a refugee camp.


  1. Why is it that people only care about the latest thing going on? I ran across this story several months back and although I don't know either of these people and I'm an American, I've been constantly searching for updates. Is it that people only care about you if you're the headline that hour? I only hope this story has a happy ending. Too many people have died for nothing...

  2. Continuing to keep Amanda and Nigel (and their families) in my daily thoughts and prayers. I know that this must be an extremely difficult time for all of them as Christmas and New Year's approach ... a time when families come together to enjoy each other's presence, but all the more bittersweet in this situation. I do hope that they return home as quickly and safely as possible. Stay strong everyone ... there are many others out here pulling for you.


    Brent Watts