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Monday, March 9, 2009

My personal opinion

In response to the post on the facebook group of Amanda's Release.

The donation is for my blog and my blog alone and not for Amanda and Nigel's release.
Please no offence .
I 'am not taking advantage of any situation. My effort inthis blog has been more than a freebie from me.

I have learned a lot on Amanda and Nigel . I have read a lot on Somalia and The non-goverment they have or do not have.Somalia has been kidnapping for so long and how they take hostage ships for ransoms.

I will make this blog noticed to as many people I can.
It is important to know that who we are and who they are.
It is important to share as much information we can

IF it was up to me I would raise the money for her release on my own.
The blog has much information for Amanda and her kidnapping, i don't need to take credit for it.
Just like I've said many times I do not know Amanda nor Nigel but felt very bad for her situation.
People should not hurt others. Violence is a creation that forces us to act on it.
I don't like any action of violence. I will make an effort to raise enough money to get Amanda and Nigel out of the situation they are in. All their hard work should be compensated worth the release of both.

My blog get average 2000 views a month. not enough people are aware of the situation.
We need to let other know about it.

Thank you and appreciate any comments

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