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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please Sign Petition to Help Free Amanda & Nigel

I signed the petition "Free Journalists Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 10,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.


  1. For unknown reasons the Australian government has imposed a media gag/blackout on this story, meekly accepted by our compliant network outlets. Thus very few Australians are aware of the plight of Amanda and Nigel as the coverage here has been zero. I suspect a " dramatic hostage rescue " operation soon by Australian Special Forces - the situation in Mog changes by the day so let's hope nothing goes wrong.

  2. If the governments give in to the kidnappers' demands, it will only add fuel to more kidnappings. If the kidnappers get paid once, they'll keep doing it and expect to get paid again.

    The only options the governments have is 1) send special forces to rescue the hostages or 2) turn the other way and stop any news coverage of this story and the public will forget about this.

    Getting kidnapped is just one of the dangers of being a freelance reporter in these extremely dangerous areas. It's part of the job. These things happen all the time, but they don't all get front page news.

  3. Get her and Nigel the hell out of there!!!!

  4. I don't think this post will please either those sympathetic to Amanda or those critical of her, but here goes.

    The problem here is that Amanda and Nigel are freelancers who CHOSE to venture into a very dangerous situation of their own free will without the support of an organization to back them. Has anyone else noticed that aid workers and journalists associated with large organizations tend to get freed more quickly? I feel that going into Somalia without such backing showed very poor judgement, but I'm afraid this is not the first time. It is well-known that Amanda was once held briefly by Iraqi insurgents and also robbed at gunpoint in the Sudan. She was also once described as going into a $2 guest house in an impoverished nation in makeup, bright clothing, and manicured nails. The Youtube videos of her are also very telling: This young lady seemed to call a lot of attention to herself. This was unwise considering the places where she ventured.

    At the same time, I'm annoyed by some postings on this blog of the "It's their own fault, let them rot" line of thought. People make mistakes and bad judgement calls, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be held hostage and possibly mistreated. A bit of moderation and empathy is in order.

    I do hope efforts are being made to free these people, but I also hope others can learn from the situation and not put themselves in harms way uncessarily.

  5. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

    Your blog is a fine example of exactly what NOT to do in a hostage scenario. I'm surprised the government hasn't contacted you yet as continued coverage of this story does put Amanada in more jeapordy. Why do you think her family has never commented on this story?

    There is also a tremendous amount of propaganda that is thrown around here and I wouldn't be surprised if the AFP, her fixer, and this blog are all agents of the kidnappers to get a ransom paid.

    If you really do care about Amanda you will shut down this blog right now. If you don't, I'll assume you're actually the kidnappers.

  6. This stuff happens everywhere everyday.

  7. I hope the Aussies bust in and waste every last one of them right infront of all there friends, *spit*

  8. Amanda is a beautiful woman and I would love nothing more than to be the man who rescues her, pay her ransom or do anything I could to get her out of there.

    I think its morally reprehensible that the Conservative Government of Canada are letting this hostage rot in a dark room now for 10 months. I would more angry if not for my sadness for their apathy.

    Here is my honest assessment of this entire situation. You have a girl seeking adventure, romance and excitement under the pretense of helping others by raising awareness through her journalism. She was/is a freelancer not attached to any organization at all. Although I admire her courage, I condemn her stupidity for willfully going into a war zone like Somalia, unaided, as if subconciously wanting to get caught as a way to generate drama for herself and story.

    Any intelligent person would not walk into a war zone like this without a plan, you would not go into a culture and simply get all gussied up with make up and nice clothes and you would not conduct yourself in a manner which runs contrary to intelligent journalism or intelligent humanitarian service. I am firends with a few people who have gone into war zones like soldiers and aid workers and I am also friends with a doc film maker who is going into Afghanistan shortly. All of them would not enter in situation where their security would not be ensured, addressed and looked after. I have spoken with soldiers about civilians going into rescue situations, good hard core folks they are but they get really angry at people like this because they are viewed as prima-donna princess's who don't stop to consider their actions. They are viewed as inconsiderate, self centered asses who only think about themselves, generate drama so that they can look good. The reason they dispise them so much is because they have to go in, kill their hostage takers, risk their own lives, the lives of their buddies, risk having to tell buddies wife that sorry hun, your husband was killed and you should tell your kids and it goes on and on.

    Now with that said, I think its suffice to say that this woman I am sure has learned her lesson and I think the CDN government must act to take stepts to secure her release. 1M is alot of money and I am one to never under any conditions sanction dealing with terrorists. I support the notion of killing them. Yes it may sound harsh but welcome to the wonderful world of terrorism of which Amanda knows all too well now. However considering that it would probably cost at least that to enable a recue effort, I think it would just make more sense to just pay it, secure her release and bring her home, all the while drilling into her head just how stupid of a decision that was.

    I have never met her, I am sure she is a lovely woman, attractive, adventureous and more but by her decision to go there, really and I mean really reaks of a major attitude of arrogant stupidity but even with that, she does not deserve to be left to rot in some room in the care of those who deserve to be killed.

    If I had the money, I would effect her release. I suppose thats about as simple as I could go. I suppose its some sort of prince charming syndrome but I think since most people can't, it falls upon our government to work through back channels to just get this done.

    To Amanda: hold fast, we're doing everything we can.

    Mr. Canada.

  9. I can tell you flat out, regardless of the whole "negotiating with terrorists" rhetoric, the Canadian government will do nothing of signifcant note to help this woman. The Canadian government can't even take care of people in Canada. People die on the streets every day here, despite the fact the government is responsible for ensuring all Canadians have adequate food, shelter and other basic amenities. I mean no disrespect to the family of Ms. Lindhout, I dearly hope she is freed, well and whole. However I am ashamed to be a Canadian where I once was proud. It is nothing for the government to have people like her promote humanitarian causes around the world when it is the governments' of countries like Canada that are responsible for the despair of people in countries like Somalia, just one of many African countries that have been systematiclly raped for centuries by the "civilized west", such despicable abuse as that which has been done to Africa as a continent has lead directly to the sort of desperate and hateful measures these people are taking in kidnapping this woman. Canada sends alot of "aid" to countries like Israel which specialize in terrorism and the slaughter of innocent people, but of course this country has no capital to save a wonderful young woman whom is doing the job the Canadian government should be doing for her. All my hopes go out to her for her safe release.

  10. I entered a valid e-mail address and my petition signature was not accepted. Please check your petition site. There would be much more than 1000 signatures if it worked!

  11. I just can not help but think how many lives would be saved if the money demanded as ransom was put toward medical treatment anywhere in the third world. Ransom will be used to fund more hostage taking and terrorism. If Ransom is paid how many lives will be lost so that these two can live?

  12. I came to this site hoping to find someone trying to raise funds to free Amanda so I could make a donation. Maybe the kidnappers would now take a smaller amount that could be raised. Instead I find an argument about whether the government should step in. I fear she will never be freed.

  13. Amanda,I know your grampa L is up there with Jesus crying for you. I also know your gramma J's prayers will bring you home! The faith of your family has moved mountains in the past. Ever thought of yourself as a mountain to be moved. You will be! Pray! Pray! Pray!