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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talks to free Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia stalled

Some terrible news about Amanda's and Nigel's situation. According to Ambroise Piere, the Africa desk chief for Reporters Without Borders, said last week that talks to release has halted.


  1. what is the Canadian Government doing ? She was on her job...Please???

  2. I have written a long email to stephen harper and peter mackay. I'm going to be emailing/ calling the ministers of Foreign Affairs,because this is just Fuckin nuts! Somalia is basically ran by pirates! They're government has gone to shit. Pirates have the upper hand and OUR canadian government can't give 2.5 million to free Amanda! Is that a fucking joke! I'm disgusted that it has been a damn year! Its time to bring them home! A year is way to long! This just breaks my heart and makes me soo angry! WE HAVE A FUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT AND AN ARMY! SAVE THEM! Before they die canada will be put to shame and will have blood on their hands! Do the right thing CANADA!

  3. Is there any news ? The last post is from May, I am trying to see what is going on on the internet but no one seems to care.
    Please give us some news, I am a French national living in the US, and I feel for Amanda and her co-hostage, Nigel.