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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somali PM 'very optimistic' Canadian journalist will be freed

The prime minister of Somalia offered new hope Thursday that Canadian freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout, abducted outside Mogadishu almost 10 months ago, could soon be freed.

But he said, "I'm very optimistic that in the very near future we will have freed those two journalists."


  1. i hope!!!! amanda free forever!!!!

    guy from Italy

  2. i hope!!! amanda free forever!!!!

    guy from Italy

  3. fingers crossed, we all hope they will be home soon..

  4. I google Amanda´s name daily and have for months. It troubles me that there is no public outcry (in Canada) and so little progress being reported regarding her release. Reports of her poor health status makes her situation urgent and worrisome. To her dutch relatives: ¨Kop op¨ and all the best.

  5. I too google Amanda's name daily....and pray for her and Nigel's release, Carol

  6. Let's get her home: we need to increase the awareness about Amanada's with the means we have: internet. Any ideas of what we can go? Ali

  7. I hope Amanada and Nigel return to Canada and Australia respectively safe and unharmed.

    My thoughts are with their families at this ordeal is a trying one to say the least.

    That being said, the Government ought to publish a list of no go places for any reason be it professional or personal.

    Locations like North Korea, Somalia, Eritrea, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, certain parts of Nigeria, Rwanda, certain parts of the Baltic states and Eastern Europe etc.

    Common factors with all these countries including dictators, despots, fundamentalists, terrorists, pirates, religious fundamentalists, warlords etc that use kidnapping, murder, extortion etc as a meanas to an end.

    Whatever the thrill, whatever the job, whatever the reason, it's just not worth it.

  8. Hi,

    As a french citizen, I'm extremely shocked to read that the Canadian government is not obliged to help free their own citizens..Her situation is more horrible than any word can describe..
    Why couln't we raise funds if they dont??
    People gave money to feed Kate Moss (on a fake website), they should be able to free Amanda!

  9. Amanda, I'm coming to save you as soon as I get in the military! hold on tight, hopefully they haven't brainwashed you with Islam bullshit. I can't wait to shoot up some Somalis!!




  11. Does anyone have any info concerning reports coming out of Mogadishu indicating Amanda [god bless her soul] , who was earlier reported to have been pregrant, gave birth to a child on Saturday?
    Is there any truth to this?

  12. This is directed to the ass hole that made the comment above on July 22nd. I sure as hell wouldn’t want you backing me in fight, because you would be the one running away and hiding. You couldn’t even leave your name after your comments, you’re a coward!

    If Amanda was your daughter, sister, friend or relative, you would be the first person complaining about our government’s lack of diligence in this matter. We as Canadians expect our government to serve and protect our citizens at home and on foreign land.

    One year is a ridiculous amount of time for them to do something. Our government is an embarrassment and should be ashamed of how they have handled this matter, especially for the little amount of ransom they are demanding. One million is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions they waste everyday.

    I’m also shocked at the lack of out cry from Canadians as a whole; we are so busy living our boring self-centered lives that we do not have the compassion for another person in dire need especially another Canadian.

    All Canadians who are concerned should be calling their MLA’s, flooding them with phone calls daily to get some action from the government “ its sad but the squeaky wheel gets the grease” Does anyone know of a petition going around to lobby the government for Amanda.

    Wake up Canada lets get our priorities straight!

    Brian Brown, Red Deer, Alberta

  13. I too hope and pray for Amanda and Nigel's safe return. I'm not sure though we can lay this at the government's feet. The government has a responsibility to all the other Canadians working in these contries whose lives would be put in danger if it became knowm that the Canadian govenment pays ransoms. It's an industry for some people and they look for the most likely ways to get a return on their "investment". I wonder if there isn't a way that money could be raised privately as well as from the news industry. AS for publicity I'm not sure if it doesn't help the kidnappers. The case of Melissa Fung and the American journalist in Afghanistan seem to show this. That said I can't imagine the pain and worry of the families involved.

  14. I am so ashamed to be a Canadian these days, things have gone so downhill since the current right wing government has been in charge. Thanks to the CBC for providing information on this case, none of our mainstream media has covered it.

    Denis O'Brien
    Victoria BC

  15. I hope she will be released soon together with colleague and pray for her to come out of this terrible situation still strong and in good health

  16. I would care, but after watching some videos of this chick and how she behaved... I stopped caring pretty quickly. Sure hope shes learning some humility over all of this. Tired of the arrogance in today's world.

  17. To anonymous dated August 4th.

    YOU....are tired of the arrogance in today's world! Your comments indicate that you are an extremely self righteous, self centered, and arrogant person. Shame on your very being for hurling insulting comments on a person you do not even know.

    Hope for Amanda and her family.

    Hope for horrible, uncompassionate people like you in today's world.

  18. We the people of Canada should be doing something as a whole. I don't know Amanda, but as a Canadian I feel we all have intrest in her release. If we could get a million people to donate just one dollar she could be free. I know it's not the Canadian goverments "policy" to pay out kidnappers but she will die if WE don't do something soon.

    Robert Linthorne
    Red Deer

  19. I have Always been a proud Canadian, but for the first time in my life - i am ashamaed & disappointed with my Government. This situation is just wrong. I want to help, but don't know what to do other than keep talking about it, this can not be forgotten. Look what Bill CLinton has done in such a short time, her went and physically brought those american journalists home. Thank you Mr CLinton. Maybe Mr Stephen Harper should board a plane and fly to Somalia and bring our Amanda Home, home where she belongs and Needs to be. I want to help raise money, anything, I will help. We can raise money in no time for Amanda. I think money can be used to hire some "specialized" people who know how to get the job done. Give give them big guns and a big bag of money and send them to Somalia, that at least the kidnappers would understand. That is how they do business. DO whatever it takes, just bring amanda Home.

  20. Pray for their healing and freedom. Call your M.P. Amanda is not forgotten.

  21. Brian Brown of Red Deer Alberta you are a whiney Bitch (you got a smack coming to you) and anyone who is advocating paying the ransom are idiots. Paying ransom would make kidnapping Canadians a business. I hope Amanda goes free, but the Canadian Government has warned against traveling to Somalia for years. For a federal government to hire mercenaries to go into Somalia would breach a few laws and make them liable for any collateral damage. Plus her captors move her round, not a easy target to find. German tourists have remained kidnaped/missing for years in North Africa with no help. American Government has the capacity to help there citizens, Canada doesn't. Seriously she was a for sure victim the moment she arrived. What a bunch a whiney naive people Canada has. Yes I am a dick, but least I not a pussy. Brian, if you have so much fight, then you go over there and rescue her don't blog/whine about it.

  22. Has an online petition been set up on the net,yet? If not,one could be made for concerned Canadians to present to our Canadian government. Jack


  24. Mr Anonymous August 8/09
    It is your choice not to care about the fate of Amanda and Nigel. Why are you making ignorant comments towards Brian he has the same rights as you for sharing his views.
    You should give yourself a Smack-JERK.
    You have the same mentality as the kidnappers thinking you have a right to silence people.
    I am one of the many citizens of Canada and Australia who have a different opinion than you.
    We are united in standing up for Amanda and Nigel and will continue to plea with our Government to assist in their rescue and we will blog about our opinions anywhere we choose.
    I have emailed my Canadian Government and this is a link with all the emails/contact details:
    Anyone who chooses can be a positive voice for Amanda and Nigel while they have been silenced by their captors. To everyone who chooses:please sign the petition and contact your Governments.
    Thank-you, Janice McNeill from Vancouver.
    Freedom of speech is a privelege I enjoy.

  25. I wish both them returns safety and unharmed to home.

  26. I laugh at the hippies in here that Cry when someone speak the truth here.

    WHY THE F**K would anyone want to travel to Somalia!!??? Why dont you just visit the Zoo and jump into the guerilla cage!

    If I go to a Trash country and get killed or kidnaped... my own dumb ass fault.

  27. Brian Brown lol

    You seem like a pretty stand up guy! A guy that would Die for his country right ?

    Then shut up and do it!

    you can die for your country.... ill let him die for his.

    Your dismissed

    Mike Hunt

  28. I'm very grateful to all my Family and Friends people who have compassion for each other.
    Many who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.
    Why bother leaving negative comments on a site that is dedicated to FREE AMANDA LINDHOUT..
    There is no point in debating why they went to Somalia that can't be reversed. However the kidnappers and Pirates in that area need to be
    Wishing you are both rescued soon, Amanda and Nigel. Your life is precious and you have many people who love you and look forward to sharing the future with you.
    Best Wishes, Patrick Coulson

  29. Omar,

    I am a Somali Origin & live in the States and very saddened and ofcourse disappointed for how those gangs kidnaped and kept an innocent people for so long. As you all know this is the people those took that country and its people for hostage almost 20 years. I had never been in the southern part of Somalia but there's a few peaceful places in the country.

    I will pray for Amanda as well as the rest of hostages in Somalia for speedy release and they'll join with their love ones.

  30. I cannot believe it has been a year. I also cannot understand why the Canadian government does not seem to be doing anything. All good wishes to the captives and strength to their families.

  31. i'm somali origin and i'm very upset and sad what happend to Amanda.I hope she comes home soon,i wanna help her but i don't know how Canadian goverment should go do some some action

  32. Well, again I see the story of Amanda Lindhout
    and Nigel Brennan on CTV this evening, STILL held captive in Somalia, and the Canadian government doing absolutely nothing to get them
    out of there. Honestly, almost everyone I've
    spoken to isn't even aware of who they are and
    that they have been held against their will for
    over a year now. There is definately not enough
    public awareness of this situation and it seems
    that whenever the story comes back into the news,it's gone the next day and there's no
    followup for at least a couple of months. That
    in itself seems very peculiar. Canada has the
    resources, on several levels, to get Amanda and
    Nigel back home, but it appears they have instead chosen to sit back and do nothing. And
    don't tell me that they are "working on it"---
    it's been a damn year for God sake! It seems like what it takes to light a fire under the
    Canadian government ass to do something, is for
    the two families involved to go before the media day after day after day and cry their eyes out for help to get Amanda and Nigel out of Somalia and back home. But I guess first one would have to have the stomach for it. And
    for you cynics out there who sit back and criticize journalists who decide to report from
    dangerous parts of the world: how does watching
    local news only 24-7 appeal to you? Canada could use a Bill Clinton right about now.

  33. Togheter appel to Steven Harper for Amanda free!!

    Alessandro 26 years old, guy from Italy!!

    AMANDA FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I've emailed stephen harper twice, peter mackay 3 times.there needs to be a public cry out for the government to pay attention. I'm ready to go to CBC toronto, CTV, and city pulse bring this story to them and email the fuckin shit out of them until they air it .
    Also negative comments... I noticed that all the people that had something bright to say put their name as anonymous, chicken shits, you fuckin low-lives piece of shit. Soul-less and heartless. Grow a fuckin set of balls fuck faces. Put your name. So I can fuckin call you out on what you say, pussy. These people here wanting to do something to bring these people home are the people that will get the governments attention. Saying smart ass comments like "if you want to save her, go over there and do it" BE LOGICAL dumbass, we have an army for a reason, yeah they may be in afgan or whatever doing god knows, but it will not kill our government to send like 20 men. Like fuck, you got canadian soldiers walking the damn streets in afgan that get blown up. By a road side bomb! That's not dying for your country, that's not dying because you saved someone and that's definietly not dying because you were brave, these people died for nothing! They don't want to be there! Fact: half of the people that join the army only join for the money, ready paid for schooling, health benefits. so some... Not all don't want to be serving... These men and women died because some asshole with no life set a trap and get joy out of killing.... Take 20 of these men, get them to somaila and save these people, and if these men die then they died for something/ someone.. They died a hero. Instead of fucking being blown up doing shit all just walking and laughing. And please before one of you negative-heartless people call me out saying I have no respect for my canadian soldiers.. I can tell you this.. FUCK YOU. My brother is in the army serving I have all the respect. Also if you think of saying, "if you want to do something join the army" I'm going to be fuckin honest with you...Fuck that shit, I'm not about to join... hell no,army isn't for me, I'm not brave enough for that, and I sure as hell ain't going to blown up for nothing. ANYWAYS... For those of you that want them to be saved, then let's go. Hit the radio stations, news, government. Everything and anything, make flyers hand them out, so people that don't know can know. Public out cry. BTW My name is Rachel Radtke. I live in toronto ontario. And I approve this comment.