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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comin up on August 23 One year later.............

On e year later and Amanda and Nigel are still kept hostage in Somalia. What would it take to release them peacefully?
Please leave your comments..
Let's all pray for a safe return for Amanda and Nigel.
Pray , pray ,pray.

You will be back home.


  1. Hello,

    My name is Jennifer Choi and I work for CBC TV. We want to get he word out about Amanda's kidnapping on Sunday.
    If you know Amanda and have any updates on her case would you please get in touch with me.

    I can be reached two ways: or 416 205-6299.

    Many Thanks,
    Jennifer choi

  2. If she was a politicians daughter she would have been out of there. If she was an American in North Korea, she also would have been out of there... I'm suprised that no one has started a $5 donation fund...Why aren't the womens right groups doing anything about this...? I'm sure every one woman wants to have kids in Somalia surrounded with gunmen....This is our world...have a great night at the movies, or drinking that beer, or just watching tv. :)

  3. I look forward to CBC's coverage of Amanda's plight. I hope they do a good job.
    There was an article by CTV's Geoff Nixon headlined "Public pushes to bring envoys home, not Lindhout" In my opinion it had some interesting information, but the "lack of public outcry" source of data was the Canadian government. No joke. The whole internet thing must have just slid by Mr Nixon some how. The article states that only one letter had been sent to Foreign Affairs at that point in time. One letter, no other communication. Hard to believe. The article is still up on ctv's site, updated 6/11/09. In any case perhaps a renewed comparison to where Robert Fowler and Louis Guay were rescued in an "operation involving CSIS, the Canadian SIGINT agency Communications Security Establishment Canada, and other unnamed millitary personnel" and the government's lack of similar response in Amanda's case with some accurate data on public outcry will motivate them.

  4. It may be extreme, but have the families considered hiring mercinaries to go in, find them and get them out? It's costly and risky, but sometimes can be the only answer.

  5. This story has just blown me away. I am a Canadian living in Australia. I would like to know if anyone knows of an email address or contact details for the family. Is it a matter of money? I want to help. I will check back to see if there are contact details left. I want to help drive any campaign possible to bring her home. I am heavily involved with the Canadian Community in Australia. I don't know you Amanda, but you are coming home!!!!! Please post or contact me at contact details (family only or reperentatives please). Many thanks Cam

  6. If you can please avoid posting this address..but

    as per my previous post a few seconds ago, I'm very serious about doing anything i can.

    Please let me help.


  7. As an ex special forces commander I would be more than willing to put together a team to chute in and extracate my fellow Canadian. We know her location and the number of mooj holding her; We can not wait another minute! If Amanda was an Israeli or American she would be home already; The time to act is NOW. I've done this kind of op before and I am willing to do it again, not for Canada, but for Amanda and her family. Every second we wait she suffers brutal indignities; It is time to take the fight to the kiddnappers.

  8. Obviously since the place they are being held is known, either 2.5 million should be paid to their captors or 2.5 millin should be paid to someone to rescue them and kill their captors. Either way, a public appeal for funding should do the trick.

  9. I'll tell you why the government shouldn't do anything about it, she went over there to be a hot dog reporter against a travel advisory, and if the government starts giving into terroists demands then it will NOT be safe for any canadian to travel anywhere in the world, if that's what you want then go ahead get pissed at the government for not getting her out but you best be keeping your ass on canadian soil or you could be my books she reaped what she sowed, i feel for her family but she did this to herself, i would say it was very selfish on her part

  10. ...."Best be keeping your ass on Canadian soil"???...Well, that's almost a sentence. What a tiny mind you must have. Im sorry I posted my last post as anonymous, I certainly wouldnt want to be confused with you! Amanda wasn't snatched because she was a Canadian; She was snatched for profit, and in Somalia any westerner will do. And a hot dog is something you eat at a ball game; Amanda was doing what journalists have been doing forever; Bravely and with determination; and after reading your post it is obvious you possess neither of those character traits. One can not give in to criminals or let criminals determine our freedoms to move and to report injustice and chaos. Perhaps Mr. Anonymous you might Educate yourself on what is really going on in Somalia, and the gulf of Aden before your write your next post. I have been there...THREE TIMES...and I made it back every time, and I am Canadian; and I do not hide from anyone, EVER!

  11. Amanda, i have carried your plight in my heart and mind from the beginning. I am, and have been, praying for you and looking forward to your safe return.
    ...thank you Lt.Comander TJR...your courage and service to the freedom of all Canadians (and any one of us as individuals) is inspiring!

  12. Thnk you, Lt. Commander TJR. I have been following stories on Amanda and Nigel since they were abducted over a year ago, and I must say that I'm appalled at the reluctance of the Canadian government to do anything. Even more so, I'm disturbed by the number of people posting comments on news articles who state that this was Amanda and Nigel's fault and that the Canadian government is not responsible for rescuing journalists and travellers who go to dangerous, high-risk areas.

    If it weren't for people like Amanda and Nigel, we would never know what was truly happening in these regions. This pair was on its way to report on a refugee camp and shed light on an area of the world that is experiencing an incredible amount of unrest and in which thousands upon thousands of people suffer from this unrest every day. They were hardly there for a walk in the park or to serve some selfish need for attention.

    Reporters deserve much more respect. They are often painted as being intrusive, selfish risk-takers, but without them, where would we be? How much would any of us know about what was going on in other parts of the world? How many of us enjoy reading the articles journalists such as Amanda and Nigel write to help inform us of global issues but never take the time to appreciate what it took to write those articles?

    Independent journalists all over the world risk their lives for the sake of providing the public with a level of transparency we would never enjoy if all the reporting was left only to government agencies and official journalism agencies and news companies.

    It's a shame that in doing work that they loved and felt was truly important, Amanda and Nigel became victim to kidnappers hoping to get rich. True, Amanda and Nigel were there despite warnings against travelling to that region, but that's absolutely no reason to deny them the help they need.

    We don't have the same attitude about Canadian soldiers who die in battle, even though they chose to sign up for military service and were made aware of the possible dangers of doing so. We don't have the same attitude towards firefighters who die fighting fires even though they chose to run into burning buildings for a living. We don't have the same attitude towards assassinated elected leaders who chose to run for office despite the very clear and present danger of being murdered at any time. So why do some people take this stance because two journalists chose to build their careers on the stories everyone else is too afraid to tell?

    If there are any MLA's, MP's or government departments I can send a letter to, please let me know which ones would be appropriate.

  13. It's nice to see the effort and energy put toward raising awareness on this issue. Unfortunately the outcome will undoubtedly be tragic. In a country where 50 savage men believe lining up to stone a 13 year old girl to death because she had been gang raped by more savage men is the rigth thing to do, the prospects for Amanda are terribly bleak. In an ideal world, Amanda and Nigel would be freed, just before a giant bomb is dropped on Somalia to eliminate it and its barbaric, ignorant people from this planet for good. The country lives in the early dark ages while the rest of us have evolved 1000 years beyond them. Somalians are, simply put, savages.

  14. Anonymous from Aug 23 09 your comments are disturbing and painful. You are overly judgmental for someone who speaks anonymousily from behind a computer screen. Amanda and Nigel went to report on the dire situation in a wartorn land. They both went despite their safety to allow the truth to be heard. They went despite all fears because they are people who live their politics and have INTEGRITY. You my friend have a small heart and a limited capacity for compassion. FREE AMANDA AND NIGEL.
    ONE LOVE! XOXOX God bless you all. -Laura Jones

  15. OK...enough is enough! The time to act is Now! If I have to go in there myself and get Amanda and Nigel out I will. I have the training and expierience to get the job done, as well I have a team of six of my ex mates who have offered their assistance. Not for money, not for glory, but for Amanda and Nigel and their families. Good god, the captors are simply a bunch of armed teenagers who have zero formal miltary training and who shut their eyes when they discharge their weapons.I know for certain that when they see us comming they will run like hell; not that they will see us comming, but my point is simply this. They are criminals; plain and simple and we can get in and get out swiftly and succesfully. We have done it before and I am willing to put my life on the line to do it again. All we need is some help with logistics; and my friends in France and Isreal have quietly offered their assistance as long as our DND approves. And there in lies the problem; The DND,RCMP,CSIS and two other agencies are flatly refusing any outside help or collaboration in any rescue effort.My god, the Brits sent in a troop of SAS commando's to rescue a NY times reporter in Afghanistan, successfuly I might add. What is it going to take for our gov't to see the light. I am ready, willing, and beyond able to get the job done; someone please give us the green light so we can end this dark stain on Candian history.

  16. I wonder why her family is being so quiet about the situation?? Don't they want any help from anyone, if the government isn't doing anything?? hmmm. Did her parents pay someone to kidnapp her to teach her a lesson?? If it was my kid i would be telling everyone everything i could, and i would accept any and all help. Seems like the public is more interested in finding her than her own parents are. Remember the government is not doing anything to help, they're not involved.

  17. nice going , putting a bug in my computer, it just goes to show the mantality of the people here and why your blah blah is not getting any respect from the government, in all honesty i've had smarter cows