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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My point of view

If Amanda would want the domain of course I will give it her . I am not selfish and not looking my my own pocket. It will do up to her to do what she wants with it. If and when Amanda communicates with we will come to an understanding .Yes I have other blogs on "how to make money" and similar topics. but that is for my internet experience. has tought me many things, one being that if someone wants to do something good for someone else we have and need to find the bad into it.
We are people I don't blame you . In the whole 15 months of having this blog it has generated 40.00$ in revenue . Plus Google doesnt not pay when account is less than 100.00$ .Wow I became a millionnaire in 15 months I took advantage of her situation, yah right ,so far it is in google pockets, I haven't made any money of her and won't.
Just be happy that she is alive and back with her family. And as far as this blog goes When it's time to do whatever I need to do I will. The right thing will be done.

Let's live our lives with love and not jealousy or hate..

Amanda Back in Canada This Week

The canadian goverment will send a plane to get Amanda and her family back to Canada early this week.
At last she will be back on canadian grounds.

Welcome back , enjoy being back woth your family.